Friday, May 4, 2012

Week 2... I did it!!!

AHHH, I was about to miss my attempt to blog once a week!! But Im here, and typing away!!!

My FIRST ever Trunk Show event was this past Monday night at my friend Liza's house. She and Cory were the host's and it was a GREAT time. I was overwhelmed with the success of this first show... I had an open house event back in Feb. and there wasnt a very good turn out. I was SO afraid that is how it would be this time around too! I think I came away with around 15 orders!!! SO super excited!!!

Here are a few photos of the Show @ Liza's House!!

My next trunk show is TOMORROW!!! A previous customer, Micki is hosting it in Athens, TN. Im not even sure where Athens is BUT i'll find it! Im super excited for this trunk show! For one, it will be a totally new atmosphere to show off my AWESOME (in my opinion!!) designs!!! Micki has 2 twin boys that I am dieing to meet too!!!

I have been steadily searching for FALL fabrics!! I am trying to start preparing in advance so that I am on top of my game. I have found some GREAT fabrics, gotten LOTS of samples and even ordered enough to make a test design!!! YAY!! I think you're really going to love whats in store for the Fall!!!

Im going to leave you with 2 things.. A sneaker of a modeled set from the Summer Gypsy Collection AND a question..

What would you LOVE to see as far as styles for the Fall!!!


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