Monday, July 15, 2013

Talk Of The Town Giveaway!!!

After MUCH thought as to what FNF could do to give back to our AWESOME fans I decided what better than a HUGE GIVEAWAY!!!!
I scoured the internet looking for some of the TOP boutiques out there to bring you some amazing prizes.
This "Talk of the Town" giveaway will feature 5 AMAZING prize packs!!! We have something here for everyone!!
Below you will find a description of the prizes for each prize pack along with several photos!! Do me a favor and click the photos and shop around with these A+ boutiques, you wont be sorry!!!

PRIZE PACK #1:  The Crafy Lady
This Prize pack features fabric and patterns! Just what you need to get those creative juices flowing!

Prize Pack #2: Momma Love
This prize pack is just for the mommas!!! You mommas don't take much time for yourself, so we are going to help one lucky momma pamper herself!

Prize Pack #3: Couture Babes
This prize package screams DIVA!! 
Over the top bows, ruffle outfits and adorable custom shoes!!

Prize Pack #4: Stylin' Sissy
Do you have a little fashionista on your hands?!  This prize pack is just what she needs featuring bows, necklace, and 2 custom outfits!

Prize Pack #5: Ruffled Feathers 
This prize pack is featuring a back to school outfit, $50 store credit and custom headband!!

Sponsored by:
Cover Photo 

Cover Photo

Cover Photo

Now for the FUN Stuff!
Its time to enter to win one of these AWESOME prize packs listed !
Just use the rafflecopter gadget below:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hello there!!!

Again we are SO slacking on this whole blogging thing!!!!

But what better time to write than now, to tell you about this AWESOME giveaway that Frills N Fluff is being a part of!!!
This is FOR SURE "NOT YOUR AVERAGE GIVEAWAY"!!! You will find some of the TOP boutiques and designers in this industry with items up for grabs!!!!


Did you click it?? Have you started entering?!?! What are you waiting for!!!

Two of my favorite items being given away are from:

Mya Bruce Designs
LOVE these necklaces!!! and I SO want one for myself!!!

Another is Palest Pink

These big gumball necklaces are such a fab item right now!!!Perfect for birthday gifts too!!!

Head over to the give away and take ALL the opportunities to ENTER!!!!! You will be SOOOO Sad if you miss out on the chance to win!!! ALSO, stop by these 2 featured pages and tell them Frills N Fluff sent you!!!

Stay tuned for more features coming soon!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A New Year, A New FNF

Here we are, already into March!!! WOW!!! I haven't blogged for FNF since back in October when we celebrated our 2nd birthday!!

LOTS of changes have happened since then!! In Jan. FNF decided to make the HUGE step and partner with a full package apparel company. You may be wondering what exactly this means. What this means is we are developing our FIRST FULL CLOTHING LINE!!! It will launch for Spring'14. I am beyond excited for this, as it is something I have always dreamed about. But that's really where the line was drawn, right there after I would wake up from the dream!! I NEVER thought this would ever be a reality!! This goes to show with hard work, dedication and some really great people supporting me, dreams really can come true!!

The production company we have paired with is located in Los Angeles, CA. I know, I wish they were right here in TN so I could pop in, say hi and see how things were going. BUT, we all know that LA is the Fashion capitol, so I think we are in the BEST possible hands!!!

I cant share too much about the collection right now, that would just spoil all the fun that awaits BUT I will tell you, it is distinct and classic. It will stand out from the rest!! Anyone that knows me, knows I like to "play" outside the box, so why would my clothing line be any different!

Our plan is to continue with our Etsy shop. There you will find an array of dresses, pants and sets. These will not cross paths with our production line! So for those custom, one of a kind pieces, be sure to check out our etsy shop!!! Frills N Fluff Etsy

Friday, October 26, 2012

2nd Birthday!!!!!

WOW! I have posted on this blog since the Collegiate photo shoot! That was ages ago!!!

Quick recap to bring you up to speed!! After the Collegiate wear photo shoot I quickly transitioned into Summer Collection mode, sought out some contract seamstresses to help me out AND got busy!! I decided to actually try production runs this time around.. I liked the idea of just being able to go to my "stash" and pull something out and ship it to a customer!!! As with anything new, there were lessons to be learned!!

We also started full swing into our Trunk Show/Home Parties!! I love this aspect of the business. I love being able to go out and meet new people, share stories.. Girl talk.... playing with lots of cute kiddos..

Fast Forward... to N-O-W.. Its almost Halloween- Which I've never been a fan of.. I guess I was a weird kid, I don't know!!
We recently launched our Fall and Christmas Collections!!! Holy Cow-- that was a busy couple of months!!! BUT I was determined to get the holiday goodies out WAYYY before the holiday-- for once!!
make sure you head over to our etsy shop and like our facebook page!!!

Here is a SNEAK of a few of our Christmas Collection Pieces!!!  btw- aren't these the cutest kids EVER!!

This is just a taste of whats in store!!!

Next weekend we are heading to Kingsport, TN to the Christmas Connection Festival along with Monograms by Megan!!! We are super excited! This will be our FIRST Festival!!

Before I go, FNF would like to give a shout out to Pink Door Fabrics!!! They are one of our FAVORITE places to get fabric from!!! If your in the market for GREAT quality fabrics, head over their way!!

Hopefully, I'll post again before Christmas!!;)

Peace, Love and Frills N Fluff ;)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Collegiate Wear Time

So my hope was to be able to blog weekly, well as life would have it, that didnt work out!

But Im here and writing so that's better than totally forgetting, right?

To catch you up on the life and times of Frills N Fluff. We shot our first live photo shoot in Nashville, TN on May 12, 2012 for my summer collection Gypsy Bandana. The day was rainy and yucky, but the kids did great and were such troopers! there were 9 kids all under 6!

This past weekend we did our 2nd live photoshoot, this time here in Knoxville. My friend and aspiring photographer Liza Hutchison graciously offered to shoot this collection for me. Can you imagine??!?! We had 4 little ones that ALL have just recently turned 2, along with a 3, 4 and 7 year old.. I was BEYOND impressed at how well behaved these children were! They've got some good mommies and daddies!!! Liza did an AMAZING job taking the photos for this shoot. I was shocked!!We were able to use her inlaws home on the lake and it was just beautiful!

I had this vision in my head to get them walking, holding hands.. this was about as close to my vision as we could get!!! But it's perfect!!

We had a really fun time!! I cant wait to do it again!!

FNF has started a newsletter, so make sure if you havent already you leave me your email address so that I can sign you up. With all the facebook changes and customers not seeing posts, I'll be sending alot more newsletters with coupons, sneak peeks and lots of other things!!!

Here are a few more photos to leave you with!

These will all be available in my etsy shop at

Friday, May 4, 2012

Week 2... I did it!!!

AHHH, I was about to miss my attempt to blog once a week!! But Im here, and typing away!!!

My FIRST ever Trunk Show event was this past Monday night at my friend Liza's house. She and Cory were the host's and it was a GREAT time. I was overwhelmed with the success of this first show... I had an open house event back in Feb. and there wasnt a very good turn out. I was SO afraid that is how it would be this time around too! I think I came away with around 15 orders!!! SO super excited!!!

Here are a few photos of the Show @ Liza's House!!

My next trunk show is TOMORROW!!! A previous customer, Micki is hosting it in Athens, TN. Im not even sure where Athens is BUT i'll find it! Im super excited for this trunk show! For one, it will be a totally new atmosphere to show off my AWESOME (in my opinion!!) designs!!! Micki has 2 twin boys that I am dieing to meet too!!!

I have been steadily searching for FALL fabrics!! I am trying to start preparing in advance so that I am on top of my game. I have found some GREAT fabrics, gotten LOTS of samples and even ordered enough to make a test design!!! YAY!! I think you're really going to love whats in store for the Fall!!!

Im going to leave you with 2 things.. A sneaker of a modeled set from the Summer Gypsy Collection AND a question..

What would you LOVE to see as far as styles for the Fall!!!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

THIS MARKS A FIRST FOR FRILLS N FLUFF!! I have been determined to start a blog to share with all of you my clothing line for a long time now, but you know... I just well, haven't had time!!

I hope to be able to post on here once a week (at least) to show you what is going on in the world of Frills N Fluff. If you choose to follow my blog I will offer discounts, sneak peeks and special sales JUST FOR YOU!!!

Currently, I am getting ready to launch my Summer Collection!!!I am so excited. It is called Gypsy Bandanna, well one of them is anyway! I have a BIG photo shoot scheduled in Nashville on May 12, with the awesome Keoni of Keoni K Photography !! I am SO excited about it!!!  BUT, before this I will be having my FIRST ever Trunk Show next Monday (30th) along with another one the following Saturday!!! I am so pumped (and nervous) for this!!! Its all trial and error but I being able to have trunk shows and home parties was one of my goals from the beginning (when I started making goals). So this is dreams coming true!!!

I will leave you with a couple of photos of the Summer Collection!!!
Remember you can always shop online at Frills N Fluff via my Etsy Shop and visit me on my facebook Fan Page!!!

Make sure you share this with your friends!!