Friday, October 26, 2012

2nd Birthday!!!!!

WOW! I have posted on this blog since the Collegiate photo shoot! That was ages ago!!!

Quick recap to bring you up to speed!! After the Collegiate wear photo shoot I quickly transitioned into Summer Collection mode, sought out some contract seamstresses to help me out AND got busy!! I decided to actually try production runs this time around.. I liked the idea of just being able to go to my "stash" and pull something out and ship it to a customer!!! As with anything new, there were lessons to be learned!!

We also started full swing into our Trunk Show/Home Parties!! I love this aspect of the business. I love being able to go out and meet new people, share stories.. Girl talk.... playing with lots of cute kiddos..

Fast Forward... to N-O-W.. Its almost Halloween- Which I've never been a fan of.. I guess I was a weird kid, I don't know!!
We recently launched our Fall and Christmas Collections!!! Holy Cow-- that was a busy couple of months!!! BUT I was determined to get the holiday goodies out WAYYY before the holiday-- for once!!
make sure you head over to our etsy shop and like our facebook page!!!

Here is a SNEAK of a few of our Christmas Collection Pieces!!!  btw- aren't these the cutest kids EVER!!

This is just a taste of whats in store!!!

Next weekend we are heading to Kingsport, TN to the Christmas Connection Festival along with Monograms by Megan!!! We are super excited! This will be our FIRST Festival!!

Before I go, FNF would like to give a shout out to Pink Door Fabrics!!! They are one of our FAVORITE places to get fabric from!!! If your in the market for GREAT quality fabrics, head over their way!!

Hopefully, I'll post again before Christmas!!;)

Peace, Love and Frills N Fluff ;)

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