Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A New Year, A New FNF

Here we are, already into March!!! WOW!!! I haven't blogged for FNF since back in October when we celebrated our 2nd birthday!!

LOTS of changes have happened since then!! In Jan. FNF decided to make the HUGE step and partner with a full package apparel company. You may be wondering what exactly this means. What this means is we are developing our FIRST FULL CLOTHING LINE!!! It will launch for Spring'14. I am beyond excited for this, as it is something I have always dreamed about. But that's really where the line was drawn, right there after I would wake up from the dream!! I NEVER thought this would ever be a reality!! This goes to show with hard work, dedication and some really great people supporting me, dreams really can come true!!

The production company we have paired with is located in Los Angeles, CA. I know, I wish they were right here in TN so I could pop in, say hi and see how things were going. BUT, we all know that LA is the Fashion capitol, so I think we are in the BEST possible hands!!!

I cant share too much about the collection right now, that would just spoil all the fun that awaits BUT I will tell you, it is distinct and classic. It will stand out from the rest!! Anyone that knows me, knows I like to "play" outside the box, so why would my clothing line be any different!

Our plan is to continue with our Etsy shop. There you will find an array of dresses, pants and sets. These will not cross paths with our production line! So for those custom, one of a kind pieces, be sure to check out our etsy shop!!! Frills N Fluff Etsy

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